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About Global IP Law Group

giplg_logo_transparentSince our founding, Global IP Law Group, LLC has sold more patents for more money than any other entity. We have also secured over 100 licenses to our clients’ patented technologies through conventional licensing and litigation. With offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Global IP offers services, insight, and global resources to large and small companies, independent inventors, and universities seeking value for their intellectual property assets. The firm’s key characteristics include:

  • Unparalleled Success. We achieved the largest patent sale in history – the sale of the Nortel Networks patent portfolio for $4.5 billion (US). We have sold other portfolios for nine and eight figure sums, as well as many in the seven figures.
  • Extensive Industry Connections. Based on our success and prominence in the patent field, Global IP has high-level business and legal contacts in many different industries and at all major patent aggregators and licensing companies. As a result, we get potential buyers, licensees, and defendants to focus on our clients’ patent matters.
  • Experience with Wide Arrays of Patent Portfolios and Monetization Strategies. We have analyzed patent portfolios as small as a single patent and as large as 6,000. These patents pertain to a multitude of industries and levels of technical complexity.
  • Preeminent Patent-Monetization Expertise in the Bankruptcy Arena. In addition to the Nortel Networks patent sale out of bankruptcy, Global IP has closed multiple other bankruptcy-related transactions, and is currently engaged in the Kodak bankruptcy process. We have particular expertise in this area.
  • Global Reach. Our team has access to global resources that dramatically expands access to the markets in which client IP can be monetized. Our clients reflect this reach, and we have successfully sold patents for European and Asian companies, as well as those from the Americas.
  • Value Enhancement through Prosecution and Claim Charting. Global IP includes patent attorneys with extensive experience, securing through prosecution the most valuable claims a specification will permit. Global IP often increases the value of portfolios by counseling clients on market-informed prosecution strategy. Further, we develop extensive and detailed claim charts to demonstrate the value of issued and pending claims.
  • Non-Hourly Billing. Global IP offers flexible billing options, and including contingency, fixed-fee, and hourly arrangements to meet client needs.
  • Few Conflicts. Although we represent Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies, and individual inventors, we remain a small firm. As a result, Global IP avoids extensive conflict-of-interest issues found at larger firms.