Leading business owners and financiers look to Global IP for our expertise in valuing intellectual property assets.

Global IP lawyers have unique experience providing valuations used to support debt financing and raise capital, including the largest-ever patent-backed debt financing of $2.6 billion. We also provide valuations and M&A advice to entities seeking to raise capital to acquire IP assets or entire companies.

Because of our patent litigation expertise, we evaluate portfolios from an enforcement perspective, considering issues of infringement, validity, enforceability, legal damages, and encumbrances in performing valuations.

We also have deep insight into the patent transaction market, including buyers, sellers, and the overall market. This unparalleled collection of knowledge and experience enables us to provide matchless valuation services to our clients-financial analysis joined with our legal and market expertise.

We offer valuation services to a wide variety of industries and commercial sectors, including every level of telecommunications-services, infrastructure, and consumer products-as well as aerospace technology, e-commerce, digital media, consumer electronics, and medical devices. We also provide valuations to individuals and entities with portfolios of all sizes-ranging from a handful to tens of thousands of patents